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I came to photo through Nature ( wildlife , macro , landscape) and discovered over time the portrait , architecture, reportage and street. In Love with Venice and places where I can feel a charged atmosphere of History, I am also attracted by the lights of modern cities and their reflections. 

Gradually, my work evolves toward the human; I make my first expo B & W in 2005 on the theme of " Chess Players " with young people who express a lot of emotions during a game. I cover the wedding of some friends and then I create the photo club inside my company and discover Corporate photography. After several successful experiences, I pass a milestone and become professional in Corporate Events and Wedding photography in May 2014.

Should you have a project, a special need or a question? Please contact me in order that we can discuss it.

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Bonjour Pascal,
j'aime bien votre site, d'une conception simple, épurée et très équilibrée.
Il est varié, riche, à la fois pro et très accessible et pour ne rien gâcher vos photos sont de qualité, parfois fort originales.
J'aime aussi votre manière de maîtriser la retouche.
Vos articles sont intéressants.
J'aimerais s.v.p connaître l'outil (les outils) que vous avez utilisé(s) pour créer votre site.
Je fais de l'animalier spécialisé en oiseaux.

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